Paul D Johnson

Hospitality Video Associate

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Doing it right doesn’t always have to mean higher costs, it just means working with the right people.
— Paul Johnson

Paul D Johnson, Promotional Film-maker

Paul uses the principles of narrative design and cinematography to ensure high production values. This, in turn, encourages your customers to perceive your hospitality business as high value.

It is one thing to point a video camera at your business, or have a drone do a fly-by - because that is what videographers in the region offer - but it is another thing entirely to craft a mini story of your business as though it was a short film.

Story sells. We are naturally drawn to stories, however short. The crazy thing is that this doesn't necessarily have to equate to higher costs.

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Beware of the amateur video - it can do more harm than good for your business. So I’d say do it properly or not at all.