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Not every business needs or can afford a selection of full-time specialists in their business - so why not just pay for what you need when you need it!
— Denise Conroy

Denise Conroy, Proprietor, Inglewood Hospitality Consultants

Denise Conroy is a hotel marketing consultant based in Cumbria, as well as being a Business Adviser with Cumbria Chamber of Commerce and Cumbria Business Growth Hub

Beginning her career in hospitality over 35 years ago, Denise is highly experienced in the UK hotel market. She has specialist knowledge in revenue management, pricing strategy, sales, marketing and general management. Denise runs Inglewood Hospitality in association with a number of carefully selected partners, whom she happily endorses.

Denise has worked with Thistle Hotels, The Old Course Hotel, St Andrews, Swallow Hotels, Jarvis Hotels and De Vere Hotels, as well as some independently-owned properties. This has involved working in a variety of locations with a broad range of clients, including tourism, travel trade, corporate, conference and events, weddings and leisure.

Denise is an expert in the hospitality industry, having a wealth of experience to share with you. Providing practical business support, she can help you implement effective and practical systems and processes. She also likes to remind people that revenue management techniques are not just for hotels! If your company could do with a new approach to business growth then why not give her a call.

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I pride myself in providing practical business support in a down-to-earth way, finding the simplest ways of achieving results for individuals and teams.
— Denise Conroy