5 reasons why customers choose your hotel above your competitors

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You need to understand why someone would decide to book with you over another competitor hotel to ensure your marketing messages are reaching your potential clients and responding to their needs; resulting in them choosing you again and again.

  1. Image: What does the hotel look like? What style is it? Who is it likely to appeal to? With the majority of bookings being made online does your photography represent you well? Poor photography won’t do you justice and old photography can be misleading.

  2. Personality: Are you running a quite formal hotel? Is it very relaxed and friendly? Generally it will be similar to you and your team’s personalities.

  3. Customer driven service: Are you running your business around yourself or your customers? Are your phones always answered promptly? Can guests check in whatever time suits them? Do you make sure customers know how to find you? Do they know where to park and how much it costs? Customers quite simply want great service. Good or mediocre isn’t enough and it goes without saying poor service is just not acceptable.

  4. USP’s: Unique selling points! It could be the welcome, the rooms, the view, the location or the food. If you have something really special and unique then make sure you tell your potential customers.

  5. Price: Make sure you have a pricing strategy and don’t get caught up in knee jerk reactive pricing. Create pricing which is relevant to the market, the competition and what makes sense to the customers. Ensure you regularly review these prices and where necessary create value pricing. Offer packages to suit your potential and current customers which add value to your business and benefits to your customers.

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Denise Conroy