So why would you call in a hotel consultant?


It's easy to spot an [in]effective management team

It's really easy to spot a well-run operation with an effective management team. You don't have to be four or five star or part of a large group to achieve this. Guests can quickly see if the owners or management team are doing a good job: as soon as you check in, the receptionist will greet you with a friendly smile. The entrance, reception and public areas will be immaculately clean. Guest bedrooms are comfortable and spotlessly clean, and the breakfast offering is of great quality with a good selection of products. The team respond promptly and happily to any guest requests and resolve issues should they arise.

Consultants can help you focus on what you do best

Using the experience of a hotel consultant can be one of the best ways to solve a hotel's problems. Sometimes, you're so busy working hard on your own business, trying to keep all the plates spinning, that you can't see the issues as clearly as perhaps you'd like. It's sometimes hard to admit or realise that there is a lack of expertise, time or experience available to get the job done. Having an expert with unbiased and in-depth knowledge to work with you gives your hotel the chance to turn around. Consultants have generally worked with numerous organisations, giving them insight from a wide range of perspectives, and are well equipped to support you with planning, creating and implementing systems that work for you and your team.

Consultants pay for themselves many times over

One of the main questions is "How much will it cost?" Instead, what you have to ask yourself is "How much will it save me? How much will it cost me if I don't seek help?" The main purpose of using a consultant is to increase sales and improve operational efficiencies, resulting in increases in profit and customer satisfaction.

What kind of things does a consultant do?

  • Objectively identify issues with the appearance of the property, dated or worn fixtures and fittings and offer advice on improvements

  • Provide motivational coaching and training for staff

  • Analyse all customer contact points and provide improvements

  • Create systems and reports by gathering data to identify and measure performance

  • Focus on sales and marketing and revenue management activities to boost turnover

  • Complete competitor analysis to ensure correct positioning and pricing in place.

A good consultant will not just do these things but they will also pass on key skills that you and your team can continue to use long after the initial need has passed.

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Denise Conroy